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In addition to the revenue offered through the Google AdSense revenue sharing program, we also offer several Cash and Gift awards to
members who post and share valuable content with us on

Cash awards will be accumulated in your profile and will be paid to you in the form of demand draft or bank transfer when it reaches the minimum pay out amount.

If your earnings are less Rs 50, it may not appear here.

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Member NameNumber of GiftsCash CreditsPaymentsBalance
Rameshwar Shriram Pathade1Rs 5Rs 0Rs 5
manoj1Rs 1Rs 0Rs 1
Mala Chakraborty1Rs 10Rs 0Rs 10
vijay thakre1Rs 2Rs 0Rs 2
mangesh1Rs 9Rs 0Rs 9
sachidanand1Rs 1Rs 0Rs 1
Dr. Sanjeev1Rs 5Rs 0Rs 5
Shyam Ankolekar1Rs 4Rs 0Rs 4
Ramchandra B. Karande1Rs 1Rs 0Rs 1
rahulkumar1Rs 13Rs 0Rs 13
Ravi Kumar Dubey1Rs 4Rs 0Rs 4
Raju Palaskar1Rs 1Rs 0Rs 1
rahul kamble1Rs 2Rs 0Rs 2
Rahul Sonwalkar1Rs 10Rs 0Rs 10
Nitinkumar1Rs 13Rs 0Rs 13
nikita d1Rs 3Rs 0Rs 3
Ninad1Rs 8Rs 0Rs 8
mrs. shreya rajesh sadarangani1Rs 45Rs 0Rs 45
Pratap 1Rs 2Rs 0Rs 2
Pratik Ghumre1Rs 23Rs 0Rs 23
Pratik1Rs 4Rs 0Rs 4
Pravin1Rs 1Rs 0Rs 1
Pravin Pingale1Rs 1Rs 0Rs 1
rameshwar panchal1Rs 3Rs 0Rs 3
Prerana Sawant1Rs 1Rs 0Rs 1
Kamna1Rs 1Rs 0Rs 1
Kashid1Rs 21Rs 0Rs 21
Kedari Lakshman Hotkar1Rs 1Rs 0Rs 1
Venkata Kumar1Rs 3Rs 0Rs 3
Milind1Rs 2Rs 0Rs 2
Amruta Sabnis1Rs 10Rs 0Rs 10
Jayesh J Hublikar1Rs 1Rs 0Rs 1
Sunil Jadhavar1Rs 14Rs 0Rs 14
kishor shivane1Rs 3Rs 0Rs 3
Krishna Basu1Rs 10Rs 0Rs 10
Kumaraditya Sarkar1Rs 1Rs 0Rs 1
kunal1Rs 1Rs 0Rs 1
Lalit1Rs 31Rs 0Rs 31
dr. machindra1Rs 29Rs 0Rs 29
Kailash V Reddy Bande1Rs 1Rs 0Rs 1
kalyani1Rs 100Rs 0Rs 100
pramod g devaltkar1Rs 2Rs 0Rs 2
ganesh wagh1Rs 3Rs 0Rs 3
gorakshanath bhange1Rs 1Rs 0Rs 1
nachiketa sahu1Rs 1Rs 0Rs 1
Hema Milind Talele1Rs 1Rs 0Rs 1
hemant1Rs 2Rs 0Rs 2
Aditya Rajendra Patil1Rs 1Rs 0Rs 1
Deven Sampat1Rs 1Rs 0Rs 1

Total Cash Credits: Rs 418.00

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