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Do u really like u'r neighbours (0 votes)manisha16 Oct 2010
Do u really love India? (2 votes)manisha16 Oct 2010
Do really speak truth daily? (2 votes)manisha16 Oct 2010
Do politician really care (1 votes)manisha16 Oct 2010
Do you remember... (0 votes)manisha06 Sep 2010
Which of the following have you or your family with whom you live together purchased? (3 votes)manisha06 Sep 2010
Which of the following have you drunk at least once in the last week? (0 votes)manisha06 Sep 2010
How have you used the Internet to help any one? (0 votes)manisha06 Sep 2010
What functions do you mainly use for tablet PC (e.g. I-PAD, Amazon Kindle, Sony Mylo etc)? (2 votes)manisha06 Sep 2010
The third Part of English Proverbs, do you know any of these? (1 votes)manisha06 Sep 2010
Ladies! Have you ever heard of any of following brands? (2 votes)manisha06 Sep 2010

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